Deborah ZupancicMost parents believe that the success of parenting is derived from the tactical, day-to-day responsibilities of parenting.

But in reality, raising children goes far deeper into the core of who we are, what we believe, and the priorities that we set forth in our lives.

Sound complicated?

Not really – it’s actually easier than you think.

As a society, we have become so wrapped up in the persona of perfect parenting that we have lost the common sense principles that we need to implement to ensure the success of our children.  We have fallen prey to society’s expectations and for many – this has altered the natural instinct of parenting.

And while there are many things we are doing right with our children, there are signs that are telling us that it’s time to get back to the basics of parenting – and it’s as simple as:

  • Defining our family values and spending quality time with our kids.
  • Unplugging from the world around us, and reconnecting to the true value of face to face conversations with our children.
  • Supplying our children with the opportunities to learn both accountability and responsibility.
  • Placing the emphasis back on education and allowing our children to explore the world around them.
  • Accepting the responsibility of being a parent to our children and realizing that they have enough friends.
  • And most important – Honoring the uniqueness and individuality of each of our children.

As a society we have become far too interested in creating happy children today, rather than instilling the principles and values that will make them successful adults tomorrow.

I believe we can have both.

So join me as we define our parenting journey while we creating our parenting legacy…together.