10 Top reasons why I like my dog more than my kids…

I love my kids. A lot. But there have been many days when I like “The Fuzz” (our dog) more.

Now before the “perfect” moms out there decide to protest my blog and call me a terrible mom, note the fact that I said “like,” not “love.”

On any given day, The Fuzz just shows up and does what she does best – she makes me smile.

1. The Fuzz eats what I put in front of her. I am not her short order cook, and she does not fight with me about what I am feeding her. She is a pleasure to share a meal with.

2. The Fuzz does not have laundry. She does not need clean socks and underwear to move forward with her day. This alone is enough for me to like her most.

3. The Fuzz does not talk back. If I tell her to sit, she sits. If I tell her to get in the car, I only have to tell her once. Quite honestly, I can’t think of one time that she has ever challenged me.

4. The Fuzz actually cares if I’m mad at her. In the rare occasion that she does something stupid like get in the garbage, she is remorseful. And crazy enough, she doesn’t blame it on anyone else.

5. The Fuzz does not require help with homework. I am capable of meeting her educational needs without feeling inferior or stupid. As a matter of fact, I feel academically superior when I am around The Fuzz.

6. The Fuzz does not require a taxi service and the only time she makes it on to my calendar is if she needs to go to the vet or if she is ready to be groomed. Her schedule always enables us to have dinner together.

7. The Fuzz loves me unconditionally. If I am having a bad day, she simply puts her head on my lap and loves me. She doesn’t require me to explain my mood, she just accepts me for who I am.

8. The Fuzz does not have false expectations of me. As long as I throw her ball for her, I am like her superhero. The smallest gesture of a belly rub or a quick snuggle is all it takes to make her happy.

9. The Fuzz does not need me to work a full time job in order to sustain her financially. I do not have to support her extra-curricular activities or to put her through college. She actually has all the brains she needs to live a healthy and successful life.

10. The Fuzz does not have a messy bedroom, nor does she leave a mess around the house for me to clean up. Every once in a while, I will find a few tennis balls under the couch (28 to be exact), but for the most part, she is a pretty clean roommate. At least with The Fuzz I know that if the house is clean when I go to bed, when I wake up it will still be clean.

My kids are always fighting about who I “love” the most. That’s a tough question.

But I think it is safe to say who I “like” the most…at least for today.


PS. Next we will discuss the reasons why I like The Fuzz more than my husband 🙂