Forty-eight hours of isolation, writing, and really bad fashion…

I spent my weekend in a two day writing intensive. For forty-eight hours, I was barricaded in my room only to be interrupted for food and an occasional touch point phone call.

I missed out on a lot…

I missed my kids – so much more than I thought I would. They missed me too.

I missed a kid-free date night with my husband –  he couldn’t have been any more supportive.

I missed the anniversary mass for my grandparents – I have to believe that they would understand and they would support what I am doing.

I learned…

I am capable of making a commitment and seeing it through at all costs.

I am way too hard on myself and that I am my biggest critic – I really need to lighten up on myself.

My husband and my kids believe in me and they will support me every step of the way.

Having an accountability partner is a curse and a blessing all in one.

It is crazy how scrubbing a toilet sounds like fun when you hit a writer’s block.

I accomplished so much in this process…

I became increasingly connected to my point of view and my voice is getting stronger each and every day.

I took imperfect action, which is so difficult for the perfectionist in me.

I wrote almost 14,000 words this weekend, this was no small task. Don’t believe me? Try it!

I went 48 hours with no TV, Facebook (unless I was checking in with my support group), or Twitter. Yay for me!

And I taught my kids…

To take real action and to consistently take forward steps to completing their goals.

You have to work hard at making your dreams your reality.

Once you make a commitment, you have to see it through, no matter how difficult it becomes.

Their mom is working hard to really make a difference.

In the end…

I never got out of my pajamas this weekend and I wore polka dot Christmas socks. As a matter of fact, I’m not sure I did much more than brush my teeth – at least I hope I did.

But all in all, I would deem these past forty-eight hours one of my most challenging, and greatest success stories yet.

And now I think I deserve a shower and an ice cream!


P.S. What can you do today to move you one step closer to your ultimate goal?