Making the choice to engage in what’s truly important…

Making the choice to engage in what’s truly important…

Well, it was a sad day in the Zupancic house. We have said goodbye to our furry hamster friend, Chumley.

Chum came into our home nearly three years ago. In a moment of weakness, my children pulled at my heartstrings and before I knew it, we had a new member of the family.

When we first brought Chum home, everyone wanted to hold him…the kids fought over him, the dog licked him up…the cats tried to eat him…he was very popular.

As the months went on, the novelty wore off and Chum became just another pet, often having to beg for attention…sometimes only coming out for a workout in the hamster ball.

The past week I could see Chum was starting to struggle and I knew it was coming to an end. I told each of my kids to make sure they spent enough time with him and to take the time to say their goodbyes.

They did.

When we found that Chum had died, we were all very sad, but I knew it would hit my youngest the hardest.

I walked into his bedroom to find my son hysterically crying. He was justifiably sad.

But my son wasn’t sad that his furry friend had died, he was heartbroken that he didn’t spend more time with him.

My son met regret.

He realized that he spent more time on the iPod and on the TV, while he could have been investing in something that had more meaning.

He understood that his opportunity to be with his once beloved pet had passed.

Tough lesson learned.

Of course I loved my son and hugged him. He cried in my arms for over an hour.

But I also let him feel the pain of this very important life lesson. I let him understand the consequences of his choices.

I honored this opportunity for him to grow and to make different choices the next time around.

How many of us spend way too much time engaged in activities that don’t really matter? More engaged in our phone than those around us?

Will we meet regret?

Will we wish we spent more time being with our loved ones and engaging in activities that will make a difference?

Life is short, my friends.

How do you choose to live it?