Meet Deb

Deb-SittingMy name is Deborah Zupancic and I am a mom. Not a perfect mom. Not even an exceptional mom. But just an ordinary mom doing the best I can do.

On a great day I celebrate my triumphs. On a bad day, I strive to learn from my defeats.

I am not a counselor or a therapist. You will not see an MD or a PhD following my name. I am not a parenting expert, nor do I have any formal training in the parenting field.

As a matter of fact, as you read my stories, you will quickly realize that I struggle with the same issues, fears and obstacles that all parents do.

I am married to a wonderful man named Jeff and I am the mother of three boys (Jacob – 16, Nick -13, and Drew -9). My family fears the content of my blog, as they know I am the first to share the good, the bad and especially the ugly of parenting.

Of course the intent would never be to embarrass my family – but I firmly believe that if more people would share their parenting stories, we would all benefit. We would rid this journey from the feeling of isolation, and we would better understand that we really are all living the same wacky, unscripted, ridiculously crazy life – only few of us actually have the nerve to admit it.

I consider it a good day when my kids have clean underwear  – my house is never guest ready – I am a horrible cook – and I like my dog (The Fuzz), more than I like my kids.


I have given up on the idea of being a perfect parent and I have learned how to get by on being adequate at best.

Perfection is imperfect, it is exhausting and it’s scary. As a matter of fact, I have grown to fear the “perfect” mom.

For years, I put so much unwarranted pressure on myself and made decisions that were not always in the best interest for my family – I made them because that’s what society expected from me.

I lived in a constant fear of being judged and then one day I realized I was my biggest critic and I was robbing myself from this magical journey called parenting.

Once I stopped judging myself, and striving for perfection, I realized just how wonderful the journey could be. I’ve learned to laugh – a lot. And through this process, I’ve also learned to care less about what others think of me. I now parent my children in a way that works best for my own individual family.


And with my renewed outlook on parenting, despite all of my shortcomings, I am managing to raise really great kids – and I’m not just saying that – I actually like them – just not as much as The Fuzz.

Being a parent is hard. In fact it’s the toughest job on earth. My hope is that by creating this site, we will ultimately create a community in which we will be able to share, laugh, cry, respect and create a magical journey together.

So, thank you for being here. Thank you for not judging me. Thank you for honoring my not so perfect journey.

I promise to honor you, as well.

My hope is that we all define our parenting journey in a way that reflects who we are and in the process we will create our parenting legacy…together.