Finding the better version of myself…

As I sit and write this, I am filled with such gratitude for the amazing week I spent in Arizona. So much was defined for me on a professional level, but it is the personal growth that has astonished me the most.

This week was tough—it was filled with 12-15 hour work days. I was pushed to levels that I never knew I could accomplish.

I was in a space that was filled with entrepreneurs that earned the right to be there – highly successful people. And there were times when I was filled with self doubt and I couldn’t wrap my head around how I could possibly compete with such greatness.

But I was also surrounded by people who believed in me. It was their support that made me want to rise to a new level of growth and to truly unleash the best version of me.

What I realized this week is that I am capable of and worth so much more than I have asserted in the past.

I can proudly say that not only did I show up, but I kicked ass.

And when I reached my greatest accomplishments, it was somewhat anti-climactic for those around me – they just expected it, as they saw something in me all along that I never knew existed.

For almost sixteen years, I have chosen to hide behind the success of my children.

I have allowed myself to not believe in myself and to exert all of my energy into my kids.

And in this context, I would say I am succeeding beautifully.

But what I realize now is that it doesn’t have to be one or the other. I can do both.

And I owe it to my children to do both, and to allow them to see the best possible version of me.

Multiple times this week, my kids called and texted me to see how I was doing. They were genuinely excited for me and they truly believe in me.

Just as I have believed in them all along, we now believe in each other.

Today I once again hold my boys in my arms. It is my day with my family and nothing else will matter.

But come tomorrow morning, I am off and running to create my own destiny and to become the person that I am meant to be.

And by empowering myself, I will also be empowering my children and those around me.

I wouldn’t expect anything less than greatness from my children – why would I expect anything less from myself?


PS. What is it in your life that you really wish you could change? What’s stopping you? I believe in you.