Girls Weekend – It Does the Body Good

In my early twenties, at least once a month, my cousin and I would wake up on a Friday morning and spontaneously decide that we were going to “road trip” to Chicago. Sometimes we would head out with just enough money for gas. Other times we would drive through the city looking for a hotel with a vacancy sign. All of the time, we would end up at the same hang-outs, deeming ourselves as regulars.

Ahhhhh yes, those were the days.

These days, my life has become much less spontaneous. With three over-scheduled boys, the only chance of making your way into my day is if you appear on my color coded calendar, or if you pop-up as an appointment on my iPhone.  There is hardly enough time to get a home-cooked meal on the table, let alone have an opportunity to reconnect with my inner-self.

Sometimes I feel so bogged down by who I am supposed to be, that I forget who I truly am.

Deep inside, I know there is still a girl without a calendar dictating her life – a girl who is calm, relaxed and happy – a girl who is young at heart, vibrant and energetic.

Does anyone remember her?

As time continues to pass, I clearly see how important it is to take time out of your life to reconnect with yourself. For some of you, it may be a trip to a Caribbean Island – for some, it may be a trip to a yoga studio – for others it may be as simple as a walk around the block.

For me, it is spending a weekend away with eight of my favorite women.

Over the past several years, I have been blessed with an amazing group of my favorites, who have made a commitment to be together for the same weekend every year. This not only allows us enough time to plan ahead, it takes away the pressure of trying to accommodate everyone’s schedule.

Our time together has become a priority for all of us, as we realize that these moments together are sacred.

And as the weekend always comes across as magical, the recipe is truly quite simple; we talk, laugh, cry, dance, sing, eat, drink, remember, and dream.

Most of the time, we just laugh until we cry.

The space is safe, and it is the perfect environment to allow my true self to resurface. There are no judgments or confrontations – there are no rules.

There is just a group of women who just genuinely love and respect each other, and for those three simple days, there is no place that we would rather be.

Leaving my husband and my kids is not an easy thing for me to do. There is a process of letting go of the guilt and allowing myself to relax enough to actually enjoy my time away.

But it’s so important to have that time to rekindle the flame within my inner-self. My time away is not only good for my mind, body, and spirit, but it makes me a better mom and wife to those I love the most. It makes me realize that I am so much more than a mom, wife and a business partner.

This one weekend of my year has become so important to me; I welcome it and I genuinely need it.

In the end, my kids are not going to remember a mom who abandoned them to be with her friends. They are going to remember a mom who had enough respect for herself, to take the time away that she truly deserves.

We all have something that makes us genuinely happy. Find it, embrace it, and enjoy it! You really do deserve it.

Deb Zupancic

PS. What are you going to do today that is just for you? What do you need to do to reconnect with you inner self?