I’m “Sorry” – In more ways than one…

These past couple of weeks, I have not been at my personal best. It appears that the holiday season, coupled with starting a new business, has left me at a point where I have not been present for my kids.

Sure, they have been surviving just fine; homework is getting turned in on time, on most nights they have been fed a home cooked meal and I’m quite sure they still have clean underwear in their drawer.

Only one time did I forget to pick my son up from school.

But when I say that I have not been present, I really mean that I have not connected on a physical and emotional level in weeks – I have just been going through the motion of parenthood.

Last night, as I was stuffing my last Christmas card into its envelope, my youngest son, Andrew, asked us if we were in the mood to play a board game. My initial response was, “I have a deadline tomorrow and I just don’t have the time.”

The look on his face was filled with disappointment, and I knew in that moment that he needed his mom.

I schlepped my butt onto the family room floor, where I was met by three anxious and happy children.

“Let’s not play one board game, but let’s make time for two.”

What happened in the next hour was truly amazing. I sat on the floor playing a good old fashioned game of “Sorry” and “Sorry Slide” with my kids. It was cut throat, intense, and a blast all rolled into one.

There was screaming, tackling and giggling. At one point my husband emerged from his office to see what the mayhem was all about.

There was a re-connection with my children that made me realize how much I have missed them and how much they truly need me.

“Sorry” – how appropriate!

I was “Sorry” that I forgot how special this time with my children really is and how I must embrace every single moment of it.

I was “Sorry” that I found myself taking my children for granted.

I was “Sorry” for letting two weeks go by without connecting with my children.

And then I realized that it was time to take action and to pull in the reigns.

As I move forward with my journey through the holiday season and my new business venture, I promise to not sacrifice the single most important part of my life…my children.

I’m not “Sorry,” that my children come first – they simply need their mom.


PS. Did I mention that I dominated both games? What is your favorite game that you like to play with your children?