Just a random thought…or two

I’m in a funk. It’s seasonal and I pretty much go through it every year at this time.

It really comes as no surprise, but it can be debilitating none-the-less.

Part of my problem is that I’ve been sick for five weeks now – annoying beyond comprehension.

I hate the cold temperatures and the early evening darkness.

I’m not quite ready to slip into the Holiday Season and Christmas music is already on my last nerve.

In an effort to stay above water, I have increased my vitamin B-Complex, along with my Vitamin D3.

Typically when I get like this, the first thing to go is my writing. My creative juices crumble and even when ideas come to me, it becomes virtually impossible for me to get it out on paper.

I’ve tried to do more video recordings but that actually requires makeup and getting ready so I’ve nixed that option.

So, in an attempt to get myself back up and running, I’ve decided to share some of the random thoughts I’ve had over the past month…perhaps getting it out on paper will release enough room in my brain so more creative ideas will start to flow:

  • You know you are on the right parenting track when your sixteen-year-old makes it a priority to watch, “It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown.”
  • November 8th is far too early to be woken up with Christmas music and it sets a very bad tone for the day and it makes you want to kick an elf.
  • Speaking of an elf – I’d love to unleash the Elf on a Shelf to my three boys – now that would be interesting.
  • When a child uses the words, “I can’t wait to go away to college,” he single handedly takes a piece of your soul.
  • There is a time in your life when you realize your children are smarter than you are – you just don’t expect it to happen in 4th grade.
  • Everyone talks about raising boys to be great husbands. I hope all the moms are raising their girls to be great wives, as well.
  • Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday of the year – I cherish it with every ounce of my being. The first time a retail department tells my children they have to work on this holiday, I will single handedly tell them to go screw themselves.
  • One of the hardest areas of the house to clean out is your child’s bookshelf. There will always be a spot for, “Goodnight Moon.”
  • Yoga pants can be quite the fashion statement, particularly when coupled with a pretty scarf and a blingy, shiny bracelet. At least it appears this way in my own mind.
  • It’s probably best not to place your child on a pedestal. In the real world they are going to be knocked off, as not everyone thinks your child is as special as you think they are.
  • Internet trolls piss me off more than any other…they cowardly hide behind the computer screen bullying people they don’t even know. Perhaps they need to log out and get a life.
  • Last year when Santa came for dinner on Christmas Eve, the kids totally took it for granted and could have cared less. I wonder what their response would be if Santa didn’t show up this year? Would they care? Am I really willing to test it? Do I really want to know?
  • When someone from your son’s school tells you what a wonderful child you have, it’s best not to answer, “Really? He’s an ass at home.”

That’s all I have for now.

Brain dump complete – I need a nap now.


PS – Do you ever slip into a funk? How do you get yourself out of it?