One simple, tiny package – the greatest gift of all…

Last night, we spent the evening at my parents’ house, helping them decorate for Christmas. It’s always fun to rummage through the boxes and to see so many memories from our childhood. Every ornament and decoration that surfaced came with its own personal story.

As I was thumbing through the final box, I came across a tiny gift that was approximately two inches tall. On top of the gift was a note that was addressed to my mom. It was a gift that was given to her by my grandmother.

The words on this tiny package were simple yet so meaningful – they took my breath away:

Gift of Love –

                This is a very special gift

                That you can never see.

                The reason it’s so special is

                It’s just for you from me.

               Whenever you are lonely

                Or even feeling blue

                You only have to hold this gift

                And know I think of you.

                You never can unwrap it

                Please leave the ribbon tied.

                Just hold the box close to your heart

                It’s filled with love inside. 

My Grandmother died three years ago, and the single most important gift that she ever gave each and every one of us, was the gift of love. This gift is the glue to our family, and continues to resonate even after her passing.

As we move forward with this holiday season, let us remember what is truly important. It is about spending time with our family, laughing with our friends, and holding our children tightly in our arms.

I am so grateful for my grandmother and that she continues to teach me life lessons even after her passing. It is no mistake that I was the one that found that tiny box – she knew that I needed to feel and remember her love.

Her one simple, tiny package is the greatest gift of all.


PS. Who gave you the greatest gift of love? How will you remember them this holiday season?