I am excited to be able to a realistic approach to parenting that will help you gain confidence in your parenting journey, without the fear of being judged. Having the opportunity to work with you will result in more confident and well-adjusted moms, which ultimately results in well-adjusted and happier babies and children.

I have had the absolute honor working with hundreds of new moms and have been able to share personal experiences that paint a realistic approach to parenting. My words were not lost in the translation of medical and therapeutic jargon, but rather honest, real life experiences that they were able to apply to their own parenting journey.

When I was pregnant with my first son, I read the parenting books, took the parenting classes, spoke to other parents, but no one ever told me how scary and awful parenting could be. I remember bringing my son home from the hospital feeling so alone and unsure of myself. The honest truth is, I was scared to death. It was a difficult transition for myself and my baby and through this time, I became depressed and isolated. It was nearly impossible for me to share my experiences with my family and friends.

What I needed was someone I could trust, an impartial third party; someone who could listen to my deepest thoughts and fears, someone who won’t judge me. I needed someone who could tell me that it does get better in time and that everything that I was feeling was a normal part of parenting – at least for those who have enough confidence to admit it.

I am the ideal partner to offer this parenting support to parents that are struggling through their parenting journey. I welcome the opportunity to speak to you directly to consider how I can help you define your parenting journey.

There are three ways people work with me:

For further information on working one-on-one with me, visit this link http://parentingrenewed.com/coaching/ for further information.

Speaking Inquiries
For further information on hiring me for a speaking engagement, visit this link http://parentingrenewed.com/speaking/ for further information.

If you are a member of the media and would like to book her for an upcoming segment please contact Deborah at info@DeborahZupancic.com or call her directly at 248-792-8180.