Preparing for a week away from my kids…and the week after that

As I am writing this, it is actually as though I am having a divine moment. I am on the couch in my living room, snuggled in with my down comforter. I have a cup of coffee to my right and my dog (The Fuzz) to my left. Both cats are hanging around, trying to catch a portion of the sunshine that is burning directly through my window right on to my body.

I will call this, the calm before the storm.

I am feeling somewhat unsettled about this trip on so many levels, I hardly know where to begin.

First of all, how do I prepare my kids and their schedules so I can actually leave for an entire week?

We are blessed to be able to break the week down with three different family members coming in to watch our kids. I feel better knowing that the task doesn’t just fall on one person.

I began last night by putting together the Excel spreadsheet of everything my kids do on a daily basis. Just looking at the schedule I felt exhausted, and it gave me a further understanding of why I am always so tired. A large part of me feels guilty that I am leaving this responsibility for someone else to deal with.

Today I began working on a menu, grocery shopping, catching up on laundry, preparing the child care authorization forms, putting money on the lunch cards, and of course the daunting task of getting the house “guest ready.”

There is the list of vitamins, phone numbers of neighbors and friends and a feeding schedule for the plethora of critters that reside in my home.

I have to coordinate rides to and from school for all of the kids and print out directions to and from their activities.

Oh, and I can’t forget to pull out their medical insurance cards just to be safe.

What am I forgetting?

Once I arrive in Arizona, I have no idea what to expect. I have been told to prepare for 12 hour work days and to dress warm because it’s going to be chilly this weekend (so much for my open toe shoes).

Honestly, that’s all I have to offer on this topic- the Arizona experience is in God’s hands now!

And I can only imagine that when I come home, I will not be walking into a “guest ready” home and I will be looking at a whole new routine filled with a whole new set of responsibilities.

Have I mentioned that I have not even gotten all of my Christmas decorations down yet?

Still, I’m ready for this new adventure of my life, yet I must admit that there is a part of me that is scared to death. I am still periodically fighting with the “Who am I to do this?” curse, but I am growing into my new skin more and more every day.

And surely when I’m done growing into this new skin, I will once again be given the opportunity to shed it and to start anew.

As I conclude this, the cats are chasing each other around like maniacs, The Fuzz is still snuggled in to my left (that’s what The Fuzz does), and the sunshine has made its way across the room. As I took my last sip of coffee, my mouth was filled with coffee grounds that I just spit back into my coffee cup.

And so it begins…