Say goodbye to New Year’s resolutions and hello to new beginnings…

Say goodbye to New Year’s resolutions and hello to new beginnings…

If you know me personally, you probably have heard by now that I am living my two least favorite days of the year – New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day.

I have never been a fan of the New Year’s Eve hype; the remembering, wallowing, and empty promises that things are going to be different.

What really gets me the most are the New Year’s resolutions; the ones that will last for a week, and then everyone slips back into their old patterns and they will remain stagnant until next December 31st.

Then we get to experience the whole cycle all over again. Yippeee!

Here’s the deal, my friends – every single minute of every single day is a new beginning. Every morning that you open your eyes is a fresh start.

And here’s the real secret – You have the ability to be who you want to be any time you choose…

If you want to lose weight – lose it.

If you want to be a better parent – invest your time in your kids.

If you want to spend less money – put together a budget.

If you want to eat healthier – go to the health food store.

If you want to tap into your spiritual side – take a meditation class.

There is absolutely nothing that says that you have to wait until January 1st to be the best possible person that you can be.

I made a commitment to change many things about myself, to become the person that I am meant to be in this world. It has been a difficult, but amazing transition.

Change is tough, but robbing yourself of your endless possibilities is even harder.

So when you feel yourself slipping off the New Year’s Resolution band wagon – jump on the New Beginnings band wagon.

Make the commitment to be who you want to be and don’t let anything stop you until you become that person.

Take charge of your life every day of the year, and own your journey.

So here’s to new beginnings, my friends — Today, tomorrow, and the day after that too.