Shining our light through (26) random-acts-of-kindness…

The emails and phone calls that I have received over the past 24 hours after posting “Out of Tragedy, Comes Hope,” have been such a blessing. I can already feel a shift, and many of us are ready to begin healing in the name of love.

Many of you have expressed that you have been left feeling helpless, and that you, along with your children, would like to find a way that you could offer your condolences and to feel like you are part of the healing process.

Sometimes the quickest way to healing is through engaging in a positive action. Not only can this bring peace to you, but it can make a positive impact on others, as well.

Today, my family and I have committed to sharing Twenty-Six Random-Acts-of-Kindness between now and Christmas. Each act will be offered up in the name of one of the victims that was killed in Newtown, Ct.

We have already come up with several ideas; some as simple as delivering homemade cookies to our elderly neighbor, or spending time spreading holiday cheer at a nursing home.

With each “Random-Act-of-Kindness” will be leaving a card that reads:

“Today we have committed to sharing

Twenty-Six Random-Acts-of-Kindness.

We will be offering them in memory of the

(26) victims that died in Newtown, CT.

Please shine your light and pay it forward.

Together, we can create a world filled with

Peace, Hope and Love.”

26 Random Acts of Kindness

So today, I challenge you to partake in this small gesture of kindness. Be sure to invite your family and friends to participate, as well.

It is an opportunity for us to remember the victims in the name of love and to dispel the darkness into light.