Surviving the winter blues – While finding a hidden treasure along the way…

Surviving the winter blues – While finding a hidden treasure along the way…

I have to tell you – this winter is taking its toll on me.

The short days, coupled with no sunshine and beyond frigid temperatures is enough to make even the most stoic, crumble.

My skin looks like it has aged 10 years and don’t even get me started on my mental state.

And to make matters worse, I can also tell its beginning to take its toll on my kids, as well.

Everyone is just a little bit more grumpy than usual – even The Fuzz has been feeling a little bit blue.

Screens are at an all time high, and I continue to watch the brain cells diminish with each passing snow day.

The basketball bouncing in my kitchen, coupled with the baritone blaring in my family room is enough to make the hair stand on the back of my neck.

Add in a kid playing the same song over and over on the piano for two weeks straight…

Send in the straight jacket.

Last night, in an attempt to stop myself from tackling a kid to the ground, I decided to head out to Salvation Army to see if I could find any little treasures.

Little treasures make me happy.

Reluctantly, I allowed my son Nicholas to join me – providing he didn’t bug me during the process.

What ended up happening was actually quite cool!

We had a blast – an absolute blast!

After an hour and a half of just hanging out, we spent a total of $11 but the time we spent together was priceless.

We talked, laughed, explored and united – he shared things with me about school and I shared about work. We engaged in real, true, meaningful conversation.

And although he did bug me a little bit, it was fine with me because he wasn’t grinding on my nerves as he had been an hour earlier.

During this time of year, it is so easy to snuggle under a warm blanket, and simply slip into hibernation.

I’m guilty.

But what I realized last night is that just taking a little bit of time away from hibernation, is really great for the body, mind and spirit.

And the beautiful part is at this time of year it just doesn’t take much to make you happy – a trip to the mall, dinner at a favorite restaurant, or simply being with friends.

This morning Nicholas woke up and climbed into bed with me and said, “That was really fun last night, mom – thank you for taking me with you.”

It truly was my pleasure!

Yes, my skin still looks 10 years older, but after last night my laugh lines at least have meaning again.

Pretty cool where those hidden treasures show up, isn’t it?


PS. What are you doing for yourself to survive this winter?