The birds and the bees…

Last Friday at dinner, my son began telling a story about an inappropriate gesture a friend made at school. Due to the nature of the conversation, and the fact that his younger brother was sitting next to us, I immediately dismissed the topic and asked to reschedule for a later date.

The topic came up several times throughout the weekend, but it was never a good time to be able to sit and get the full story.

Tonight, the truth finally came out, and my son was correct to be mortified by his friend’s behavior.

Without going into full detail, our discussion led us to the ever-fascinating topic of “the birds and the bees.”

Although it wasn’t a planned event, the opportunity presented itself, and I jumped at the chance to clear up any misconstrued information my son may have received.

I have always been extremely open and honest with my kids and this is one topic that has never really fazed me. After all, I would much rather my children get the facts from me than from some kid using a broken pen to describe “the act” in great detail (true story).

Our conversation lasted for about 15 minutes. In an age appropriate way, we covered the basics of how a baby is made. We even discussed the changes that are taking place in his body and other signs of puberty.

Of course we ended by making it perfectly clear that this was “our” conversation and that we do not expect him to go to the pool tomorrow and share his new found facts with his friends.

I was completely in my element, my husband was just a plethora of information (not), and my son had a sense of calm to him, as if he was relieved that someone was actually taking the time to talk to him about such an adult topic.

My primary goal is to keep the lines of communication open with my kids at all times.

I feel that if I can hold an open conversation with them when they are young, they will have the comfort level to come to me when they are faced with the more difficult challenges in life.

It’s important to talk to your kids openly, honestly and at an age-appropriate level. The hardest topics to discuss are the most important; sex, drugs, and alcohol are inevitable choices that they are going to face throughout their lifetime.

I personally welcome the opportunity to talk to my kids and to highlight the expectations and moral compass of our family.

Besides for a few hidden smirks, I think the conversation went really well! My son walked away a little more grown up and it was almost as natural as “the act” itself.

I politely thanked my husband for his input (or lack thereof) and we moved on just like any other night!

Tucked away in his bed tonight is a boy, no worse for the wear, and hopefully completely grossed out! I can only hope that it stays that way for a long time to come!