The dreaded school pictures…

Picture day at school is always a big morning at our house. It is the one day of the year that I can guarantee an ironed shirt, clean face, and freshly groomed hair.

Most years when I get the pictures back, I question why I continue to spend the money year-after-year and I assure myself that my investment will be paid back with an amazing collage at the high school graduation party.

To my surprise, Andrew’s picture actually turned out nice this year. I felt pretty pleased that I was finally able to replace his photo from 2008 – victory at last!

About three weeks ago, Andrew had a pajama day at school so he literally crawled out of bed, brushed his teeth and walked out the door. There’s not a whole lot more that needs to be done on pajama day.


That is unless pajama day also falls on picture retake day and the photo studio lost the file of your digital pictures!

That’s right, if Andrew did not have his picture retaken on this day, he would not have appeared in the yearbook or class portraits.


Today Andrew came home filled with excitement – he received the proof of his yearbook picture and he loved them and wants to order them as soon as possible.

I on the other hand was not so pleased that every mother at his school will be seeing a picture of my son in his pajamas, without even brushing his hair.

Although I’m sure none of the other moms will be surprised.

Still I chuckle at the fact they we have once again been cursed with the dreaded school pictures and now I will actually be spending extra money to make sure we have a memento of the occasion – after all, the high school collage would not be complete without it.

Which picture do you like better? I think you know my answer…