Valentine’s Day – insert eye roll here…

After the first year my husband and I spent Valentine’s Day together, we both agreed that it was a silly holiday and one that we probably wouldn’t go out of our way to celebrate again.

It all just seems so cheesy to me.

<Insert eye roll here.>

We couldn’t figure out why people would wait until February 14th to engage in a candlelight dinner.

We also hated the pressure that it put on single people who were frantically searching for their perfect Valentine.

And most of all, we firmly believed that you should tell the people in your life that you love them every day – why wait?

<Insert eye roll here.>

We held strong to this belief for several years and then it happened – I gave birth to my three amazing boys.

As I defiantly passed the card aisle at Target one day, I was hit with this harsh reality – What if  my boys are with women who have different expectations than I did? What if they were with women who liked the flowers, gifts, and little candy hearts?

<Insert eye roll here.>

Will my boys know how to celebrate this Hallmark holiday in a way that their significant other would expect?

Slammed by a ton of bricks, it suddenly became a responsibility and a priority to teach my strapping young men how to acknowledge this day and to make it special for that certain love of their life.

<Insert eye roll here.>

Since then, Valentine’s Day has become a special celebration in our home that we all look forward to.

It typically starts off with a reminder to my husband that he needs to head to the store to buy me flowers. After all, don’t most women want flowers? Yes, certainly my boys should see their father buying me flowers.

I then spend my afternoon creating a perfect candlelight dinner for my family of five, fully equipped with heart-shaped decorations and sparkling grape juice champagne.

Dinner always consists of heart-shaped pizza, pasta, and salad. I know that this has become a special tradition for my boys, as they now fight over who gets the heart-shaped pizza pan when I die.

Dessert is usually heart-shaped cookies or brownies – are you feeling the love, yet?

Finally, depending on our schedules, we try and top off our evening with popcorn and a movie – preferably a movie about love.

<Insert eye roll here.>

All kidding aside, there is a certain responsibility that comes with raising boys. I want them to know how to treat a woman and how to make her feel special.

It is important for them to know how to make a woman happy, even if that means flowers, gifts and little candy hearts.

But most important, I want them to know how to do this every single day, not just on a Hallmark holiday that happens once a year.

Whatever your plans are for this upcoming holiday and no matter how you choose to celebrate (or not), I wish you happiness and love, today and every day.


PS. While we are on this topic, this responsibility goes both ways. I truly hope that all of the moms out there are teaching their daughters how to treat my boys with these same common principals and respect (we’ll talk about this in a later blog post).