Watch out world…she’s back!

Watch out world…she’s back!

I truly believe we all have a Divine Purpose here on earth. For some, the purpose is clearly recognized from birth. For others, as with myself, it has taken time to develop awareness to fully tap into my Higher Self.

18 months ago, I began to speak and to write on parenting. I started this because I genuinely want to help parents and to normalize this journey we have chosen.

After all, the commitment to raise kids is huge – unparalleled to any other commitment I have made in my life.

And my goal has always been to share my inadequacies as a parent – to laugh a little bit more – to not take it all so seriously – to enjoy the ride.

Over the past several months, I have been contacted by numerous sources to aid with their agenda. Some I have committed to help, others I have gracefully declined.

I have had carrots dangled and shiny objects placed in front of me.

I have been told I am too professional, and not professional enough.

I have been asked to brand myself as someone else.

I have altered my Facebook posts – after all, is swearing really acceptable from a parenting strategist?

I have compromised the brand I have developed.

I have turned my back on who I am and what I am meant to be.

I have tried to fit into a mold, knowing full well that I am altering the course of what my Divine Purpose really is in this world.

This path I have been on has left me paralyzed to the point that I haven’t been able to write for the past six weeks.

So here’s the deal…

I swear – a lot.

I do not cook dinner for my kids and I thank God for my middle son who is a genius in the kitchen.

I am certified in Reiki II and practice it on myself and my children continuously.

I practice Emotional Freedom Technique on my children – ever heard of it? I highly recommend it.

I have no less than 12 loads of laundry on my laundry room floor and my middle son does not currently have clean underwear.

I haven’t folded socks in over six months…they reside in a big bin that my family has to shuffle through every morning.

My front lawn is filled with baseball bats, tennis rackets, basketballs, scooters, and bikes. It’s an eyesore to my neighbors and I really don’t care.

My kids are beyond fabulous…because I am clearly doing something right.

But on most days, I still like my dog more than I like my kids.

This is me, folks – take it or leave it.

And if you choose to leave it, you choose to not be part of my Divine Path here on earth…and that’s okay.

Because my commitment to this earth is between me and God and I will no longer compromise myself, nor will I fall prey to the shiny objects.

I’ve been tested – and it has become clearer than ever what I am meant to do in this world.

Watch out world…she’s back!