Why Not Me? Why Not You?

I started to blog with The Detroit News a couple of years ago. While it was a wonderful experience, I knew that I wanted to do more within the parenting community.

About a year ago, I was at a party when a girlfriend came up to me and said, “You really need to start your own parenting blog. Knowing you the way I do, I think you can offer so much more if you develop your own website.”

These words continued to haunt me day after day, almost gnawing away at my core. Still, I continued to ask myself the same questions:

Who am I to offer parenting advice? Why would anyone want to hear anything I have to say? What can I write about that hasn’t already been covered on the other thousands of parenting blogs?

And then, as I do so often and so well, I began my intense self-sabotaging routine:

I don’t have enough time. I don’t have the money to build a website. I don’t have a PhD or an MD after my name. I just don’t think that I could handle failing.

Then one day, I attended a social media conference. At a round table discussion, the group was asked why we chose to engage in the projects that we were currently working on.

Going around the table, there were the ever-so-popular responses of, “I think I can make a lot of money,” or “I think there is a huge market for this product.”

When it was my turn to answer the question, my response was simple – “I want to help other parents.”

The reactions of the people around me were quite astonishing, almost as if I had a concept that no one in the room had thought of.

And there it was – the sign that I have been waiting for – this is what I have to offer.

Helping other people – what a novel idea.

We all have dreams, we all have fears. But at what point do we set our fears aside to make our dreams a reality?

So many times we get wrapped up in our everyday lives that we forget who we really are, and what we are truly hard-wired to do.

Society has managed to label each and every one of us. We are a wife, husband, mom, dad, son, daughter, teacher, doctor, PTO president – and the list goes on and on.

But what about the real you – that person that you sit with at the end of the day, knowing deep down inside that you are meant to do greater things with your life.

Perhaps, if you are a lucky one, you are already engaged in your life’s true  purpose.

However, if you are like so many people that I know, I challenge you with this – if you had a choice to do anything with your life right now, what would it be?

What’s stopping you from fulfilling your wildest dream?

What is the first step you can take to fill that empty void with your true passions and desires?

I’m taking my first step today and I am scared to death!

But then I have to ask – Why should fairytale endings only come true for other people?

Why not me?

Why not you?


Deb Zupancic

PS: In the comments below, share what’s stopping you from following your passion and fulfilling your dreams…then get off the computer and go make your dreams come true 🙂